Rehabilitation is the best cure for injuries suffered by the human body. To prevent rehabilitation, you must take proper care and precaution when it comes to your body.

For those who are serious about their weight training or workouts, one way to prevent injury is by understanding how much weight your body can handle or lift.

Why Lift Heavy and Risk Injury?

But why is it important to lift heavy and risk injury? Scientifically speaking, if you want your body to grow bigger and become stronger, you must push it periodically. This is why men often wonder and talk about their one rep max in the gym, in other words, the maximum amount of weight they can lift for one repetition.

Many serious body builders attempt their one rep max for various exercises at least once every couple weeks to send their muscle fibers a signal that they need to grow bigger and stronger to handle the weight being put on them. Muscles have memory, and they use this memory when they rebuild during the time you rest in between your workouts.

How Much Weight Should You Lift?

Each of us is different, and therefore the weight our bodies can handle is also different. Our workout intensity is also affected significantly by the environment in which we train. For example, working out in Denver, Colorado is not the same as working out in New York City because the oxygen levels in the air are different due to Denver’s elevation above sea level. Differences in nature clearly impact our conditioning.

In addition to natural externalities, there are several other variables as well that impact our ability and the way we train. Some of these include our diet, rest patterns, the time of the day we train, air conditioning, etc.

It is not uncommon for heavy weight lifters to hurt themselves while working out because they overestimate how much they can lift. Such workout injuries are not only painful, but often take several weeks, months and even years to recover from.

Preventing Gym Injuries With a One Rep Max Calculator

One way to prevent such injury is by using a max calculator when working out. A max calculator is a program that helps you determine the maximum weight your body can handle in the gym for any given exercise at any given point in time.

The one repetition max calculator is accurate because it is based on a scientific formula, for which you provide the inputs based on your workout patterns. Because you provide the inputs, the calculator is able to provide a customized response for each unique individual.

Most such calculators can only be found online and therefore a bit inconvenient to use on the go. Recently however, the one rep max calculator has become available on iTunes for you to download, take and use with you at the gym or wherever you go.

Leveraging technology to understand and use science to your advantage is a great way to take precaution when working out, and 1 rep max calculators are a great way to do that for serious weight trainers.

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