One of the most famous and oft used excuses for neglecting to exercise is the old “”I don’t have time”” excuse. If this is true and you really do not have 20 minutes to devote to improving your physical and mental health, increasing your life expectancy and boosting your confidence then you sure as heck better not own a TV. People that need to travel a lot for work are often the quickest to use this excuse and with good reason, because they truly believe that they do not have the time. The reality is that exercising on the road is just as easy, if not easier, then while at home.

Many hotels have a gym but even if you find yourself staying at one that does not you can still get in a great weight training session by simply performing body weight exercises or even better you can simply pack resistance bands. Resistance bands weigh next to nothing and they take up very little space in your suitcase. Resistance bands are also very inexpensive. You can get hundreds of pounds of resistance for about the same cost as 50 pounds of free weight plates or dumbbells.

Another great thing about resistance bands is that they offer a completely different kind of resistance than do machines or free weights as the resistance is determined not by gravity but by where you are in the actual lift and contraction. The tension becomes greater as the band stretches and this unique resistance gives your muscles a completely different workout. For this reason I incorporate resistance bands in almost every single weight training session regardless of if I am at home or on the road.

Resistance bands are also very versatile and there is no muscle which cannot be worked by these bands. Quads, hams, calves, biceps, triceps, delts, back, chest and any other muscle you can think of can not only be incorporated into a band workout but specifically targeted. There is no lift in the gym that cannot be replicated with resistance bands is my point here. Also, switching from one exercise to the next is almost effortless as there are no plates to add or remove or even another machine to walk to.

I also find that resistance bands are great for some creative full body exercises such as a traditional squat into a shoulder press. These full-body, very functional exercises are great for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of any and all kinds and certainly great for those people who are on the road or for people that just “”don’t have time””. Now go turn that TV off!

Train On,

Chad Hamilton

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