An Elliptical cross trainer machine is an exercise machine which simulates hill climbing, stair climbing, walking, jogging and running. It can be self-powered using user-generated motion or it might need plugging to a power source in order to adjust motion and supply resistance systems. When combined with the right diet consisting of consumption of complex carbohydrates, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables minimal sugar and fat and plenty of water the elliptical cross trainer machine aids the user develop a well-toned body. The exercise machine can be used at home and has several advantages.

Advantages of using an elliptical cross trainer machine

It provides a whole body workout by exercising both the upper body and lower body muscles which leads to the toning of one’s entire body.

It enables the user to burn more calories with less exertion. Cross trainer machines exercise a wide variety of muscles including the hamstrings, triceps, biceps quadriceps, chest muscles, and back muscles simultaneously. This enables the user to burn more calories within a shorter period of time and with less perceived exertion as the effort is evenly distributed between the arms and legs so that one’s body perceives less exertion. One can lose 8-12 calories per minute when using the machine.

It does not exert excessive pressure to the joints and this decreases the risk of impact injuries associated with using a treadmill or jogging or running on the track. When jogging or running whether on the track or on a treadmill, one’s feet hit the ground with a great impact and this results in ankle and knee injuries. An Elliptical cross trainer machine provides similar benefits to jogging and running without the injuries that accompany these exercises since one’s feet remain in contact with the machine throughout the workout. This makes it great for people with ankle or knee injuries or aging people as they are able to use an elliptical machine to stay fit since the low impact does not affects them a lot. The grip handle bars provide increased stability during lower body workout minimizing the probability of an accident.

Cross training machines provide great cardiovascular workout which can be light workouts or high intensity ones depending on the preferred speed and resistance settings as set by the user. They also have a wide variety of exercise programs to choose from and most of them have with wireless heart rate control, which allows the user to optimize their workout by using their heart rate to control the resistance level.

It is great for home use as it consumes very little power and is relatively quiet because of the non-impact quality so it will not disturb neighbours if one lives in an apartment with. The machine also lasts long due to the reduced impact and presence of fewer moving parts which makes it low maintained equipment when compared to the treadmill.

The Elliptical cross trainer machine also improves the health of one’s heart, lungs, and circulatory system and therefore using it on a regular basis helps one reduce the risk of heart diseases, hypertension and osteoporosis in addition to giving them a great looking body.

The prices vary from one brand to the other and from one store to another and it is therefore important to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase.

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